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If you have any issues with your order please let us know as soon as possible - ideally within 24hrs of delivery and no later than 48 hours after delivery.

Problems may include things like:

  • Your order contains an incorrect item, extra item or an item is missing
  • Damage has been caused to your order in transit
  • Your order is missing cartons or boxes
  • Your order has a product quality issue

The best way alert us would be to drop us a mail so that we can keep a record and help solve it as soon as possible. Please provide us with as much information as possible including your order number, date the goods were received and photos. Once the case has been lodged and received, one of our helpful customer service team members will contact you as soon as possible.


We accept payments via VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. For other payment methods, please contact us seperately.

Returns & Refunds

Unfortunately as we are dealing with food, we cannot accept returns if you change your mind.


If you have any questions or discrepancies with your order or any issues with any of the products you have purchased from us, please let us know as soon as possible so we can sort it out promptly. Our friendly staff will assist you in returning, exchanging or replacing the products in question as required or simply answer your question



Claims must be made promptly, ideally within 24hrs of delivery and no later than 48 days after delivery.

All claims must provide appropriate evidence and information requested on the below form to verify and be approved by the customer service team prior to the goods being returned.

The goods must also be returned in clean, saleable condition and within the same packaging.

Credits will be made after the product has been received and checked.

Please do not dispose of any products in question relating to your claim until the claim has been finalised as it may be required as evidence and/or further investigation.


Credits are NOT ABLE to be issued on:

Discontinued items

Any item 48 hours after delivery

Seasonal Merchandise (Christmas, Mothers Day etc)

Sale items and bonus buys (Trade show offers etc)

Shipment & Delivery

We aim to get to your order processed within 1-2 business days and arrange for delivery within 2-4 days. Orders which arrive or are paid for after 1pm on Friday will start processing the following Monday.

Order Delivery
Mon - Fri <1pm         Next day or later           
       Friday >1pm - Monday <1pm               Tuesday or later          

No, we do not charge for delivery. There is however, a minimum order of $60 for home deliveries.

We will do our best to accomodate to the delivery timings. Please indicate in the remarks column and we will take note of it.

If you would like the delivery driver to leave your parcel in a safe place if you are not at home please let us know in the comment box at check out. Please be aware that we cannot offer any guarantees on the security of delivery if you have opted for this preference. We highly recommend you arrange delivery to an attended address.


Do drop us an email at hello@petersbutchery.com and we will advise you on how to go about collecting your items.


Yes, our free range pork has the APIQ Free Range Certification. 

APIQ® Free Range

Free Range means that pigs are kept permanently outdoors for their entire life with shelter from the elements provided, furnished with bedding.

Free Range pork production consists of outdoor paddocks, which include rooting and/or foraging areas, wallows (where state regulations and seasonal climates permit) and kennels/huts for shelter. The huts allow the animals to seek shelter from environmental extremes. They also provide additional protection for the piglets when very young.

The weaners, growers, and sows from which they have been bred have access to paddocks at all times for their entire life. Shelter, food and water must be provided and all pigs must be able to move freely in and out of the shelter and move freely around the paddocks, unless required to be confined for short amounts of time for routine husbandry or diagnostic procedures to be conducted.

All pigs raised under APIQ_® Free Range conditions must comply with the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Pigs  to show compliance with state animal welfare regulations and use good land management practices as per the National Environmental Guidelines for Piggeries.

Note: Shelters or sheds with verandas or small pens attached – are NOT considered Free Range as they do not comply with the APIQ_®Free Range Standards. A producer with this setup does not qualify for Free Range or Conditional Free Range Certification. Under the National Environmental Guidelines for Piggeries they would be considered as a ‘Feedlot Outdoor Piggery’.

Discount Codes

Enter your code on the checkout page at the bottom right hand corner. Click the field 'Enter your coupon here', type in discount code and click USE COUPON CODE. The discount will be applied and you can then proceed to finalise payment of your order. Please ensure that the coupon is applied BEFORE you make payment. 


Yes we do! We're delighted that you would consider purchasing your grocery needs from us and would like to kick start your shopping journey with us. Feel free to use the code "WELCOME20" for 20% off your first purchase with us. 


The welcome discount is meant for new users of the website. 

This discount entitles you to 20% off your first order with us. 

If users have been found to have abused this discount, user accounts may be blocked and reward points forfeited. Refunds will only be made on a case by case basis. 

The equivalent value of the discount will either need to be topped up by user or items in cart to be removed to match the value of the cart based on the prices stated on the website. 


It is unfortunate since we have started the site, there have been customers who have blatantly abused this goodwill offering. We hope that as regulars of Peter's Butchery, you would understand the value that we have to offer in terms of goods and services. On average, we are about 30-40% cheaper than other grocery online stores and that is also the reason why we do not constantly have sales and discounts. Each time you purchase with us, you are already enjoying bulk and wholesale prices without needing to commit to a large quantity. As we have staff to feed, unfortunately we will not be able to honour any blatant misuse of the codes. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Rewards System

Register an account with us to start accumulating points on our site!

For every $1 spent, you will accumulate 1 point. 

Get $15 off for every 500 points redeemed. 

At the check out page, enter "500" in the reward points box located just above the continue button. 

Currently, you are able to enjoy $15 OFF for every 500 points redeemed.