Vili’s Pies

Gourmet Beef Pie

Quite different to the mince meat pies most Australians have become used to. Top quality minced beef in rich beef gravy with a hint of pepper, encased in Vili’s famous golden, flaky pastry. You can pick a Vili’s beef pie by it’s oval shape and a single cut.

Gourmet Chicken Pie

Vili was on a real mission when he created this pie. He’d never found a chicken pie that lived up to his expectation. So he created a chicken pie with real chunks of chicken thigh, potatoes, carrots and sautéed onions in a special sauce, including coconut cream & cracked black pepper for a very special, delicate flavour. Vili’s Chicken Pie is round and marked with three ‘V’ cuts on top.

Lamb, Mint and Rosemary Pie

Tender chunks of lamb in rich gravy with potato, peas and traditional flavours of rosemary and mint.

Chunky Beef & Mushroom Pie

Chunky steak pieces, freshly sliced mushrooms and tasty onions, enhanced with a touch of spice. Our best selling flavoured variety!

Sausage Roll

Vili’s famous flaky pastry filled with a blend of beef, sausage meat, herbs and spices. Not too spicy and a firm favourite with the kids. Think twice before you order two because they’re bigger than you expect!

Cocktail Pies

Not only beef pies, but you can order a full range of flavoured cocktail pies. Try something different for your next function, like a satay chicken or a green peppercorn and steak pie.