Yen Siow


A good recommendation for online butcher and grocer.
An expat recommended Peter’s Butchery and I made my first order last week. I normally order from QB but thought I’d give this company a try as they have an $80 min which suits me more than QB which has $150 min for free delivery.
I wasn’t home for the delivery and totally forgot to leave cash to pay him… the delivery guy was so nice he told my friend who was in my area at the time to help him put my things away in the freezer. He didn’t rush me to make any payments or send me demanding messages – instead I went into an apologetic frenzy and wanted to arrange payment asap (I was so embarrassed)… The manager sent me a reassuring message to enjoy my food first – take care of my family – and just pay him later… He was so gracious and kind!
The meat was pretty good too! and hardly any plastic bags were used – just saw one cardboard box

Libby Beri


I’ve been ordering from Peter’s Butchery for the last couple of years. They have a great selection of meats and the best prices I’ve found in Singapore–especially for lamb and beef, which are so expensive here. Most of the meat is frozen but they have a small selection of chilled beef as well.
Customer service is also fantastic – they’re always happy to swap photos/SMS/calls to make sure that I’m ordering the right cut and size. And delivery is quick – in the next day or so – with just an $80 min for free delivery (although the prices are so good it’s sometimes hard to get to that since I only have so much space in my freezer!)

Zenn Huang


Peter’s Butchery has a very good variety of meats & seafood and they’re very fresh! All staff are also very friendly. They give you the best smiles while delivering the meats – even on a public holiday. Nicholas has been extremely helpful in coming up with a menu that caters to your needs – good recommendation for peeps who are looking for something different with good service!

Tammy Holohan


Best fresh meat and fish at very reasonable prices with awesome friendly staff. Online service is prompt and hassle free! They also stock a wide range of other products such as healthy juices, varies pies and frozen Berries.

luke yong


Excellent service and products. Definitely a go-to place for meat products. The service staff are friendly and provide valuable advice based on customers’ needs, especially the young owner. Would recommend a 6-stars rating if there was one in the system.

Nadia Nicolette Tan


I’ve ordered from them for a few years now. Always introduced my friends as I was served with affordability, great service and quality products for my needs. When in doubt, they give recommendations as to what types and cuts of meat that would best pair with the recipe i’m trying – never goes wrong!

Alex Ching


Awesome and great service especially from Nicholas who was ever so helpful in understanding and fulfilling my bbq needs. My only regret is not getting more food! Will be back definitely!

Yvette Lim


Our family have been customers of Peter’s since they were operating at Holland Grove Road. The selection has improved over the years and the service even better now – it was fantastic in the past too! We were very relieved to know that they offer free delivery above $80 (which is reasonable) so that we can get our hands on the meats without too much hassles!

Thushy Cugadasan


I buy meat regularly from Peter’s Butchery. They have good variety of meat, great value and friendly service!

Samuel Joel Cheng


Living near Peter’s butchery always makes it easy for me for my family to buy my meats and the occasional grills/bbq. And every single time I am pleased with the service n quality of meat which makes the earlier comment baffling, Is there more substantial findings to show the meat sold was bad? I wonder…sounds funny when u hear comments like “young boss instructed to sell.. blablabla..”

Sky Rai


Peters Butchery is my best stop for meat. Never failed me with the quality of service and food. Catered my bbq food from them a number of times and they even offered crew to help me with the bbq for a very reasonable price.

I would say the beef is the best i ever tasted. Surely recommend to try if you need some meat or to cater food for a bbq.”

pryor goh


I’ve always order my bbq items from peter’s butchery for 10 years.
The prices is very reasonable and the qualities of the meats is great.
Especially the ribeye. Power!!!!

More importantly, the boss, Penny and her staffs are friendly and they are very passionate to serve. It always a joy to visit them.

They also bring in their own Villi’s pie and noah juices..”

Chan Hwee Ling


Superior quality meats and excellent service from the staff and Nicholas is definitely the man to go to for great advice on meat selections as he is super knowledgeable. Will definitely order from Peter’s Butchery again!

Leow KY


World class stuff displayed by the company, the meat got me craving for more everytime im done with an order. Customer service wise, tip top. worth every penny spent.

Diya Tan


I’ve ordered meats from them a couple of times now, from BBQs to slabs of Rib-eyes to Wagyu roasts. Each time leaving me hungry for more!

If you’re here because you’re looking for quality meat, look no further! Honest, down-to-earth, and passionate about what they do and the stuff they sell.

Love you all man!

Mélanie B.


On a friend’s advice, I checked out this local butchery. If you live in Siglap, maybe you’ll find yourself craving for fresh, high quality meat at the sight of the ridiculously high prices at Giant and Cold Storage.

Peter’s butchery offers a wide variety of meat, some of it is even Halal although it isn’t a Halal butchery shop. Moreover, it offers marinated pieces and sausages for BBQ: bulgogi, satay… You name it. And it is very cheap! I bought 1 kilo of ground beef for $10, and I was amazed by the lean, tasty and tender meat. Depending on the variety, you can even get discounts if you buy a large quantity (at least 2 or 3 kilos).

Check their website if you live in the area, it’s worth it. Besides, you get free delivery for orders starting at $80.

Alexandra P.


I don’t go to Claremont alot but when I do, I cannot go past Peter’s Butchery. They have excellent Beef Fillet and bursting with flavour sausages at reasonable prices for the quality of the meat.

Now, to the pies. My favourite is the Mediterranean Lamb in a tomato, sour cream and Worchester sauce! To taste this scrumptious temptation, you’ve got to get in early as the lamb is normally the first ones to go. So try it out and tell me if you love it as much as I do.

Wei Chong


Fantastic barbecue list with marinated meats, especially the pork bellies.
Fantastic food, excellent service!